Saturday, May 5, 2012

Superdetailing the '71 Porsche 917K "Fujimi 1/24"

This is the kit....

...and the aftermarket goodies.

After seeing the movie "Le Mans"numerous times and seeing the restauration of the 917 on the Gunnar YouTube films I got motivated to build a superdetailed Porsche 917K. A big help came from this book I'd bought.

In this book you can find drawings of the actual spaceframe. So I decided to replicate this frame in soldering brass rods together.

A little dry-fitting going on.

Now I first planned to build the inside the Fujimi body. Then I thought it was a pity to hide almost 2/3rd of the frame inside the body. So this is where it's all started again. The HRM engine is replaced with white metal one from Model Factory Hiro and made some changes in my build.




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